Ema backdating

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No changes to good cause The good cause provisions have not changed.You need to have a good reason for not claiming at the right time; we call this having or showing 'good cause'.Backdating – Council Tax Support - Pension Age – no change There is no change.Claimants who have attained the qualifying age for state pension credit will retain the three months automatic backdating (not actually backdating).

Council Tax Support cannot be backdated for more than one month if the claimant makes their request on or after 1 April 2017 even if this is a belated request linked to a current claim.Alternatively you can call Derby Benefits on 01332 640444.If you email us then we will need: If you have any proof to confirm your reasons for making a late claim, please send them to us.Thinking that you may not be entitled to benefit or not knowing that you could claim are not normally good reasons for us to be able to backdate your claim.Good reasons include: These are just some common examples of what is a good reason.

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