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Though it is the right thing to do, sometimes it is important to pay attention to words, too, as they can show truth if you read them correctly. Healthy and productive lifestyle has become everyone’s religion.

Yet, up to 70 million US adults suffer from a sleep disorder and over a third of adults report getting less than… Wise people judge others by their deeds, not words.

For example, a 1951 issue of Superman which had the cover date of July would have been published two months earlier from that date in the month of May, generally speaking.

In 1973 the discrepancy between the cover date and the publishing date went from two months to three months.

There are two reasons for this discrepancy: first, to allow magazines to continue appearing "current" to consumers even after they have been on sale for some time (since not all magazines will be sold immediately), and second, to inform newsstands when an unsold magazine can be removed from the stands and returned to the publisher or be destroyed (in this case, the cover date is also the pull date).

Weeklies (such as Time and Newsweek) are generally dated a week ahead.

Often, even a well-educated and highly qualified candidate has to suffer through months of unemployment and rejection before… There is a lot of action nowadays in the research world about how improving the body improves the mind. Approaching a girl you like may seem as the most difficult thing in the world. Despite that, the only bit of advice you’re probably getting is “just do it.” Well, just doing it is…

Have you already heard about the new trend: underwear with pockets?

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Those high grounds with assorted and lively greenery,…

With the current state of the market, successfully landing your dream job can be quite a challenge, putting it mildly. Underwear already serves the purpose of providing our bottoms with an extra layer of protection… Strangely enough, they are all intimately related and related to intimacy.

In all markets, it is rare for monthly magazines to indicate a particular day of the month: thus issues are dated May 2016, and so on, whereas weekly magazines may be dated .

The general practice of most mainstream comic book companies since the creation of the comic book in the 1930s was to date individual issues by putting the name of a month (and much later the year as well) on the cover which was generally two months after the release date.

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