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Among the Nestorians a special rubric prescribes the use of flour, salt, olive oil, and water ("Officium Renovatiionis fermenti"; Matente, "De antiquis Eccles.ritib.", I, iii, 7; Badger, " Nestorians ", II, 162; Lebrun, "Explic. From the second century the custom was established of administering baptism with water specially blessed for this purpose.Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.The notion of heroicity is derived from hero, originally a warrior, a demigod; hence it connotes a degree of bravery, fame, and distinction which places a man high above his fellows. Augustine first applied the pagan title of hero to the Christian martyrs ; since then the custom has prevailed of bestowing it not only on martyrs, but on all confessors whose virtues and good works greatly outdistance those of ordinary good people.James, the earliest evidence of the use of oil accompained by a formula in the administration of a sacrament [see Theophilus of Antioch (d. The oil used on this occasion was that which had received the blessing mentioned in the Apostolic Constitutions (VII, xlii).This anointing of the catechumens is explained by the fact that they were regarded to a certain extent as being possessed by the devil until Christ should enter into them through baptism.

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This is used in the West immediately after baptism ; both in the East and West it was used very early for the Sacrament of Confirmation (see CHRISM). 730) shows that in Rome, on Holy Thursday , the archdeacon went very early to St.

Every virtue, like every other thing, has its type [ exemplar ] in God.

Thus the Divine mind itself is the type of prudence ; God using all things to minister to His glory is the type of temperance, by which man subjects his lower appetites to reason ; justice is typified by God's application of theeternal law to all His works; Divine immutability is the type of fortitude.

Nevertheless, the sacrament was valid if ordinary water was used.

We are not well informed as to the nature of the consecration of this baptismal water, but it must be said that the most ancient indications and descriptions say nothing of the use of oil in this consecration.

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