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Mr Russell went on: “Our default position is that this is a technical measure and that we want to co-operate with them on it.“The problem is that the technical measure they have proposed is a dog’s breakfast, that runs against the process of devolution.” He added: “Now there has to be a shift from the UK Government.” The Withdrawal Bill will see all EU laws currently affecting the UK brought on to the British statute book on the day of Brexit, with ministers then granted “Henry VIII powers” to alter regulations – so-called because they allowed the Tudor monarch to govern by proclamation.Key objections focus on clauses 10 of the bill, setting out the Henry VIII powers, and 11 establishing how authority for policy areas that might affect Wales and Scotland could be diverted to London.If the Government refuses to give way and wins consent then the House of Lords could also seek to amend the bill, with ministers fearing a lengthy period of ‘ping-pong’ between Parliament’s chambers would delay the Brexit time-table.Claims: Songs of Praise star Aled Jones's mother-in-law said today the star is 'as capable of sexual harassment as Mother Theresa.' Jones (pictured) has been suspended by the BBC as he faces an accusation of inappropriate behaviour from a female work colleague Suspended: The BBC is investigating the claims the Walking In The Air singer Jones sent messages and contacted the woman.The star married wife Claire Fossett when he was 29 and she was 24 in a private church ceremony in Covent Garden, London, (pictured)But Elaine Fossett, 74, defended her son-in-law – saying he was the nicest guy in the world.“They would be legislating for both Scotland and Wales without our consents and that would be the first time that has happened in 20 years.” Both the Welsh and Scottish governments insist their opposition is not about blocking Brexit and say they agree with Westminster that legislation, including limited new powers for ministers, is necessary.

“We will encourage the Government to come back with its own amendments and if the bill still isn’t in the right shape there’s the possibility of amendments being pressed to votes and being sent back to the Commons.” David Davis has confirmed that the Government will “seek the consent of the devolved legislatures” for the bill, but has not said what might happen if they do not give it.That means it may not be right to write things on to the face of the bill. Working with us will get a better result than constantly saying the British Government wants some massive power grab.” A Government spokesperson said: “We have been clear that we want to work with the devolved administrations to deliver a deal that works for the whole of the UK.A waxwork of Theresa May has been unveiled by Madame Tussauds.Prime Minister Theresa May has been immortalised as a wax work at Madam Tussauds in London wearing the very orange suit she met President Donald Trump at the White House following his inauguration in January It is the same outfit she wore on election night and for her first meeting with Mr Trump, whose figure will stand next to hers.Sculptors spent four months crafting the likeness of Mrs May, which was unveiled on Wednesday.

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