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Now the people of Zambia have moved on from the worst and are learning to live with its aftermath, helped by a military-style campaign to spread information, test those most at risk, and prescribe drugs to keep AIDS at bay."We are trying to root out every HIV-positive person. SWEET TOWNAs the centre of the nation's sugar industry, Mazabuka squats on a busy road in land-locked Zambia, a land of transit criss-crossed by truckers from eight neighbouring countries.

As the cane grew, the people followed - pickers from the west, executives from Mauritius and South Africa, European funders and African lorry drivers.

We are liable to be responsive and next year we are honouring our customers because we have declared 2018 the year of the customer.” MTN is Zambia’s largest telecommunications company with at least 49 per cent market share and has the largest mobile money customer base in excess of 800 000 active subscribers.

A group of sex workers who live in the same compound in Chirundu, close to the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, sit and chat together in front of one their small one-roomed houses.

Most people were proud to see that one of the females wanted to take a step forward. You feel like you don’t want to come back on ground. the view is amazing and let me not get started about the aeros, that is the most exciting part about the flight.

“I actually don’t feel like a woman in this job, after all the aircraft knows no sex (and) the only time i get to know I am a woman is when we get to go to separate bathrooms.

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"I'm a different women now."Beauty is not the only one to change.7, at under four months old."In our hospital setup, every bed space was taken by someone with HIV.In the mortuary, every day, two, three dead bodies," Stephen Shajanika, Mazabuka's District Health Commissioner, recalled in an interview. We will do our part and then we empower people who take it very seriously," said Kanyanda.She joined the military barely five years ago and became a beneficiary of a Zambia Air Force project in 2015 to introduce females into a hitherto male – dominated field.In her mid-twenties, she holds the rank of second lieutenant in the She is 25-year-old Thokozile Muwamba and has dreams.

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