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For a better view of our 16 day Campaign to end Violence against the community, Deputy Solicitor General Nerin Pulle underlined the government’s commitment to reforming Sri Lanka’s penal code to ensure that it meets international human rights standards. Pulle added that the right to non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity is ‘implicit’ in the Sri Lankan constitution and, with the reform, will soon be made an ‘explicit’ guarantee in law.He then quoted from a recent ruling of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, which attested: SC Appeal No.32/11 case was prosecuted under section 365A of the Penal Code of Sri Lanka.[05] Trans women are sexually abused by law enforcement due to their gender identity and expression.

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We are pleased that in this regard our Government specifically addressed the questions and concerns raised by the UN Member States about the continued criminalisation of consensual same sex sexual conduct and the discrimination and violence faced by the Notes to Editors 1.

On Sri Lanka, many of the native forests have been cleared, but small pockets remain in preserves, such as that seen in the dark green southeastern portion of the island.

The imaging satellite also detected a number of fires that are indicated in red.

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